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Rincón based photography team

There are two parts to this whole. On the photography side, you have Tatianna Muniz, and leading with video, Amanda Muniz.
Together, we make a well balanced team that operates seamlessly in various work scenarios. Whether we are turning our home into a product photography studio, in San Juan for the week capturing a global convention, or on the dance floor of your wedding pumping up your friends and family, we love it all.

Timeless Style

A photography and videography team ready to capture all of life's greatest moments. Our photographs and films are designed to stand the test of time, preserving the true essence of your brand, your wedding, or your event for generations.

Creativity with Returns

We give our clients content that creates quantifiable interest and engagement in their brand. Marketing objectives along with creative storytelling are strategically discussed whether it's a startup brand that is still learning their narrative and creative style or a well established veteran in the field. We work hard to understand what the brand is, how it is understood in the world, and where it wants to go.

Ghost Edits is proud to be the preferred photo and video team in Puerto Rico and beyond!

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