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A photography and videography team ready to capture all of life's greatest moments.

Whether it is for a wedding, a corporate retreat, anniversary party, engagement, or family portrait session, at our roots, we are creatives looking to showcase love, fun, and joy in creative ways.

Storytelling is one of our favorite things to do and our Ghost Edits team can cover both the photography and videography side of each event.

We are incredibly lucky to be able to live on the beautiful island of Puerto Rico and be able to utilize our epic sunsets and beaches of Rincón.

Bride and Groom holding a bottle of champagne after their ceremony. Groom is wearing glasses with a tropical red  shirt.

Celebratory champagne after a wedding ceremony in Rincón, Puerto Rico.

Check out our latest promo video for Trove in Rincon, Puerto Rico!

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Raquel + Joseph at Villa DeZecheo in Rincón, Puerto Rico.



“Tatianna's work is raw and genuine, capturing authentic and intimate emotion. I appreciated that she reached out to discuss my vision for my shoot so we could cultivate the magic we wanted to create during our time together. Once we started shooting it felt like a seamless collaboration and she made me feel safe to explore different elements of my personality, even the vulnerable parts i'm not ready to show the world sometimes. I was able to relax, have fun, and let my creativity flow.”

Have you met the Ghost Edits Lead Video Editor? Check out her latest show reel here.

Professional Photography + Videography in Rincón, Puerto Rico

Whether you're looking for photos or videos of yourself, family, your wedding, or your business, you've come to the right place. A good photographer can spark inspiration and bring ease into a photoshoot. Thanks to my background in hospitality, our sessions become a safe, open space to be creative and genuine. Whether you are a natural in front of the camera or terrified of the lens, together we can bring your vision to life and have an unforgettable experience. The secret to a great photoshoot is fun!

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Amanda Taylor Evans walking through the plaza of Aguada, Puerto Rico
A girl with sunglasses on looking back at the camera as she walks on the beach with a backpack.
A girl lifting her sunglasses over her head. Wearing a black dress and a gold claw necklace.
A Puerto Rican man wearing a WELAS t-shirt smiling and looking to the side.
Owner of WELAS Transport smiling as she stands in front of her van
Family portrait of a family of five on the beach in Puerto Rico
Puerto Rican family sitting on a picnic blanket on the beach posing for a picture

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