Family Portraits

When you look at a framed photo of your family forcing a smile on the beach, or do you want a real moment of happiness caught in the moment?

Part of working with Tatianna at Ghost Edits is taking photos that aren't forced and posed. It's all about having fun, exploring the island, and breaking out of a shell so that for one hour, everyone - even the kids - are smiling and enjoying themselves. Tatianna will guide you through a series of prompts that will help ease the tension and bring out the laughs and smiles.


Don't know where to go? Don't worry! Tatianna can help suggest different places that are beautiful and remote


book an excursion tour with WELAS Transport and Tatianna for an unforgettable experience.

It's all about capturing those honest moments of joy. Instead of a "smile and say cheese" approach, together we can bring out the silly and the fun to every action. Great with babies, kids, teens, dogs, and adults, Tatianna is more than ready to shoot for the whole family.