Tatianna Muniz smiling in the middle of the street as she poses for a photo in a forest of yellow trees.

Tatianna Muniz

Born in California and raised in New York, Tatianna has two passions in life - hospitality and photo & video. For years Tatianna lived for the hustle and grind of having her own photography business all the while working in fine dining restaurants throughout New York City. Working 7 days a week to support herself and her rescue pup Julie, Tatianna is an established NYC photographer shooting proposals, engagement sessions, weddings, lifestyle shoots, luxury fashion, and events.

Outside of managing Ghost Edits, Tatianna spends her time living in Puerto Rico creating a permaculture farm on family land.

Amanda Taylor Evans posing on a boardwalk as she adjusts her hair in a yellow dress at sunrise.

Amanda Evans

Amanda Evans is a videographer and video editor based in Rincon, Puerto Rico. She graduated from Drexel University with a degree in Film and has since worked with various brands such as Rolls Royce, Gagne Lingerie, Away Luggage, Dylan, and more. She has filmed high end real estate, commercials, and was an editor for Cosmopolitan Magazine. She also works closely with YouTuber Dot Deville and social media influencer Janice Thi Tran. Amanda specializes in color grading and storytelling is a key part of her workflow. 

Outside of editing for Ghost Edits, Amanda spends her time living in Puerto Rico, farming, foraging, and snorkeling.